The Home Selling Process




1.) Strategic Plan

โˆš Select Home Selling Agent

โˆš Review Market Conditions

โˆš Outline Custom Marketing Plan

โˆš Determine Pricing Strategy

โˆš Set Listing Timeline


2.)ย  Preparation

โˆš Prepare Property for Marketing & Showings

โˆš Pre-listing Inspections

โˆš Photography & Video

โˆš Creation of Marketing Materials

โˆš Complete Disclosure Package


3.)ย  Marketing

โˆš Submit Listing for National Listings Distribution

โˆš Website, Video, Photography and All Online Marketing Launched

โˆš Signage and Advertising


4.)ย  Showings

โˆš Setup House Prior to Each Showing

โˆš Brokerโ€™s Tours

โˆš Open Houses

โˆš Evening Showings

โˆš Showings By Appointment


5) . Offers

โˆš Provide Buyers With Disclosure Packages

โˆš Accept Offers

โˆš Review Buyer Financial Qualifications

โˆš Consideration of Offer Terms

โˆš Negotiations, Counters and Addendums

โˆš Offer Acceptance


6.) Escrow

โˆš Open Escrow Account

โˆš Buyers Good-Faith Deposit

โˆš Preliminary Title Report and Documentation Review

โˆš Contract and Escrow Timeline

โˆš Home Buyerโ€™s Inspections

โˆš Appraisal and Lender Review

โˆš Complete Signed Disclosures

โˆš Additional Negotiations and Terms


7.) Closing

โˆš Review File and Confirm All Paperwork

โˆš Review & Sign Closing Documents

โˆš Moving & Clean Property for Transfer

โˆš Loan Funding & Final Cash Deposits

โˆš Close of Escrow

โˆš Call Utility Companies About The Sale

โˆš Proceeds to Seller