First Impressions Last




Home shopping is visual and emotional. Buyers searching for a place to build a life, a family and memories form the overall property experience starting with the street view to the back of the home, and every detail in-between.


Initially, buyers will focus on the property’s features, cleanliness and condition. Next, they will begin to hone in on the details, the specific parts of the exterior, interior, yard, and more. Most importantly, buyers compare shop. They look at a median of 10 or more homes during the shopping process and compare the features, condition and price of your home against your competition. They will equate a relative value of your property in comparison to the market based on the presentation. Bottom line – the appearance of your home will directly impact the maximum dollar you can get in today’s market.








To maximize your profit, generate the most interest and show value above other competing homes, your home should sparkle. Curb appeal, fresh paint, clean carpets, no clutter, working fixtures, trimmed yards, and inviting décor are among the items to spruce up for the sale.